P26) Oxidine Microfiltración Cerámica AWARD

Microfiltración cerámica piscinas


It proposes a water filtration system that is radically new compared to the conventional offer in the market, which allows significant savings of water, disinfectant and power consumption. The innovations are not limited to the filter medium itself, but also extend to the dual cleaning system, physical and chemical, which does not require to turn off the filter completely. And it is packaged on a more compact device that requires less space and operates in a fully automatically mode.


Automatic filtration system that uses a ceramic membrane that achieves a filtration degree of 3 microns.
Such filtering efficiency reduces organic matter, urea and other materials that induce the formation of combined chlorine and THMs. It has an automatic cleaning process with air and rinsing with water that only consumes 75 l per wash. It is a fully automatic system that reduces the need for operator intervention and allows operation and data recording via the internet.


P42) Mallor panel aislante COMMENDATION

Aislamiento térmico por el interior de piscinas Mallor


Construction system valid both for new pools and renovation of existing ones, that emphasizes the increase of thermal insulation of the pool shell without adding too much extra weight. It pays attention to the different points of the pool that may be potentially conflictive and it is compatible with all types of cladding. With made-to-measure parts it is possible to solve geometrical challenges of any kind.


Composite panel that increases the thermal insulation of the pool shell.
The panels are designed to be placed inside the shell, and they have an insulating core with the outer surfaces reinforced with fiberglass, ready to receive the finishing. In addition to improving the energy efficiency of the pool, these panels decouple the structural movements and expansions that cause cracks, leaks and loose tiles.


image description COMMENDATION



It combines an ultraviolet disinfection system, production of oxygen ions as residual disinfectant, and the use of CO2 to stabilize the pH of the water. The pooled use of these technologies results in a mutually reinforcing performance, capable of a producing quality water without adding chemicals.


System for water treatment and disinfection in public pools that minimizes the adverse effects on the skin, eyes and respiratory system of the users.
It uses Neolysis technology for disinfection which combines UV with low salt concentration electrolysis; and the GVG system to correct pH by injecting high efficiency CO2. It makes unnecessary to add chlorine products and reduces the concentration of oxidants by 75%, and combined chloramines in the water by 20%.


P10) Elecro Quantum DIPLOMA



Water disinfection system that combines ultraviolets with photocatalysis, achieving a suitable solution for private pools where the goal is to reduce the chemical load, the power consumption and to simplify the maintenance.


Water disinfection system based on photocatalytic oxidisation.
UV light strikes the reaction chamber and forms highly oxidising hydroxyl radicals that attack bacteria, viruses and even urea. Both OH and O² only exist for a few nanoseconds so sterilisation takes place within the unit itself. They are equipped with UV lamps with a 9000 h life expectancy, a flow switch, and an optional dosing system for a controlled administering of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide.